21 Bathroom Vanities and Storage Ideas

A vanity is about looks and functionality. The color and design needs to work with the overall style but also provides storage, counter space and a sink or two.

For master bathrooms, dual sink vanities are popular because each person has their own space. This is also popular in main bathrooms with multiple kids. Some vanities have two sinks or two single vanity units can be installed, separated by additional storage or even a bathtub.

One thing to consider with your bathroom vanity is where you want the faucets. Faucets can be mounted on the wall to maximize counter space and make cleaning easier or right behind the sink.

Similar to kitchen cabinets, vanities can be custom built to fit in any space, make the most of a small bathroom or create a unique look. There are also a wide range of ready-made bathroom vanities in many sizes and designs.

Check out these pictures of 21 bathroom vanities to see how to make the most of bathroom storage with style.

1. Dual Sink Vanity With Marble Countertop


Rafe Churchill

This vintage bathroom contrasts a modern white vanity with textured tiles and s granite counter top.

2.   Modern Bathroom Vanity With Two Sinks


An ultra sleek modern bathroom vanity keeps the focus on this delightful blue patterned floor tile.


3. Bathroom Vanity With Seating and Waterfall Leg


DKOR Interiors

With seating for a makeup counter in one corner and countertop that continues over the other side in a waterfall leg, this dual vanity packs makes the most of a small space.

4. Long Bathroom Vanity


S2 Architects

This grey-toned vanity works with the subtle veining of a marble counter and backsplash as well as the darker floor tile.

5. Custom Floating Bathroom Vanity



This custom vanity floats above a bed of rocks for an unexpected master bathroom feature.

6. Small Dual Sink Vanity

Custom Dual Sink Vanity Towel Cubbies Stuart Silk Architects

Stuart Silk Architects

When two sinks are a must have item, they can be fit into any bathroom with a custom vanity.

7. Two Vanities, Two Sinks


TZS Design

Another way to get two sinks into the master bath is by installing two identical vanities, separated by additional storage or even a bathtub (see below).

8. Master Bath With Two Vanity Units

Master Bath with Two Vanities Duet Design Group

Duet Design Group

Sometimes making the most of your bathroom requires getting creative, like installing two vanities on either side of the tub.

9. Luxury Bathroom Vanities

Luxury-Master-Bathroom-Two-Sinks Duet Design Group

Duet Design Group

Separating dual sinks with a small armoire provides additional storage and plenty of room for grooming.

10. Two Vanities, One Sink

Master Bath Dual Vanities Duet Design Group

Duet Design Group

Having two sinks isn’t always essential. This master features two bathroom vanity units set at a right angle, one with a sink and a lower one with a seat.

11. Built-In Makeup Vanity


Blackstone Edge Studios

Sometimes the bathroom vanity isn’t the ideal place for applying makeup. If you have the room, a built-in makeup vanity can provide the best seating, lighting and fog-free mirrors.

12. Custom Bathroom Vanity

Custom Bathroom Vanity Dual Sink Jack Rosen

Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens

This undulating vanity is a beautiful custom piece in a luxury master bath.

13. Bathroom Vanity With Drawers

Floating Bathroom Vanity Feinmann


This custom bathroom vanity continues at a lower level below the bathroom window for additional storage.

14. Bathroom Vanity With Flat Panel Doors


Heliotrope Architects

A custom vanity not only fits perfectly in place but makes a statement. This modern design is enhanced by wood grain in rich tones.

15. Bathroom Storage Ideas


Venegas and Company

All those brilliant kitchen storage solutions can work in bathrooms two. A pantry style door makes products and medicines easy to find while an angled shelf keeps towels organized. At the table, a hutch conceals grooming products while down low a pull out laundry basket makes it easy to keep clothes off the floor.

16. Built-In Bathroom Cupboards



Instead of one long dual sink vanity,a floor-to-ceiling cabinet between two small vanities provides ample cupboard space.

17. Bathroom Storage Furniture


Celia Bedilia Designs

This country-style bathroom features a matching linen cupboard inside the bathroom.

18. Bathroom Cupboard


Venegas and Company

An open cupboard provides additional shelving with minimal bulk.

19. Rustic Bathroom Vanity


Melton Design Build

The bold and beautiful wood grain gives this bathroom a rustic feel.

20. Traditional Bathroom Vanity


Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Simple white doors and glass handles are perfect with a vintage tile pattern and granite counters.

21. Powder Room Vanity


Duet Design Group

A sparkling powder room design with silver wallpaper and a gold sun mirror needs a bold vanity to match.