15 Freestanding Tubs

If you love a long hot soak in the tub, this bathroom trend is for you. A freestanding tub is not only a spa-worthy feature but also a beautiful sculptural element. Stand alone tubs are available in a huge range of styles with from vintage clawfoot tubs to modern flat bottom units that sit directly on the ground.

Here are a few tips to remember when considering adding a free standing bathtub to your bathroom renovation:

View  If possible, the ideal placement for a stand alone tub is on front of a window. What a pleasure it is to take in a view while relaxing in a bubble bath. If a window is not available, consider adding some artwork instead.

Placement  For maximum visual impact, a freestanding tub will have some space around it. However, they will also fit in smaller bathrooms, set against a wall or next to a glass-walled shower. The best place for the tub depends on the particular bathroom and window arrangement.

Clawfoot Stand Alone Bathtub Alexander Design Group

Alexander Design Group

Cost  All that style does come at a cost. The cheaper end of stand alone bathtubs is $800, unless you can score a deal, compared to $350 for budget drop-in tubs. The faucets and plumbing can also cost most than conventional tubs.

With all that mind, here are 15 pictures of freestanding tubs that show how luxurious a bath can be.

1. Luxury Master Bathroom

Luxury Master Bath Stand Alone Tub Chandelier Duet Design Group

Duet Design Group

2. Freestanding Tub with Wood Feet



3. Tub with a View

Luxury Master Bath Freestanding Tub Stuart Silk Architects

Stuart Silk Architects

4. Freestanding Tub and Faucet

Freestanding Tub and Faucet Duet Design Group

Duet Design Group

5. Asian-Influenced Master Bath



6. Home Spa with Bath Tray

Photo by Amy Bartlam


7. Oval Free Standing Tub


DKOR Interiors

8. Vintage Bathroom with Flat Bottom Tub


Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

9. Freestanding Bathtub with Wood Stand


Rose Construction Inc.

10. Master Bathroom with Chandelier


TZS Design

11. Luxury Bathroom with Fireplace


Celia Bedilia Designs

12. Rustic Bathroom with Stand Alone Tub

Rustic Bathroom Freestanding Tub Top Kat Photo

Top Kat Photo

13. Square Free Standing Tub


BEDE Design

14. Minimal Bathroom with Wood Stand Alone Tub


Heliotrope Architects

15. Freestanding Bathtub Below Window

Freestanding Tub-Blackstone-Edge-Studios

Blackstone Edge Studios