Bathroom Flooring Options

The choice of bathroom floor materials impacts not only the look but the durability and maintenance of the room. Some bathroom flooring options are more moisture resistant than others, ensuring a longer life span and easier upkeep. Another thing to consider is the feeling. Tile and stone are cool underfoot while wood, vinyl and cork … Read more

21 Bathroom Vanities and Storage Ideas

A vanity is about looks and functionality. The color and design needs to work with the overall style but also provides storage, counter space and a sink or two. For master bathrooms, dual sink vanities are popular because each person has their own space. This is also popular in main bathrooms with multiple kids. Some … Read more

15 Freestanding Tubs

If you love a long hot soak in the tub, this bathroom trend is for you. A freestanding tub is not only a spa-worthy feature but also a beautiful sculptural element. Stand alone┬átubs are available in a huge range of styles with from vintage clawfoot tubs to modern flat bottom units that sit directly on … Read more

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Bathroom renovations are about functionality, comfort and style. Here is a run down of the costs, materials and design options for every type of bathroom, from powder room to the master bath. There are two kinds of remodels. The first is a refresh of the current room while the second is a larger undertaking. If … Read more