The Best Mop For Wood Floors (+ some that do the work for you)

Best mop for wood floors

Want to see your hardwood shine and sparkle? Here are the best mops for wood floors including three powered options. Protecting and cleaning wood floors takes more than mopping. Sweep wood floors frequently (daily if possible) to remove large particles that can cause scratches. However, broom bristles don’t always pick up everything. A microfiber mop … Read more

The Best Mop For Vinyl Floors ( + What Not To Use)

With the introduction of luxury vinyl planks, vinyl flooring has never been more popular. It is attractive and one of the lowest maintenance flooring types. You still have to clean it though so here’s the best mop for vinyl floors. In addition to these suggestions, we recommend looking up the manufacturer recommended cleaning products if … Read more

Bathroom Flooring Options

The choice of bathroom floor materials impacts not only the look but the durability and maintenance of the room. Some bathroom flooring options are more moisture resistant than others, ensuring a longer life span and easier upkeep. Another thing to consider is the feeling. Tile and stone are cool underfoot while wood, vinyl and cork … Read more